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Homecoming Podcast

Nov 26, 2018

Atlanta residents Shayla and Isaiah had two home births! Shayla always knew she wanted a natural birth. Shayla’s first child, Maya Malawi was born at home. It was a planned home birth supported by Shayla’s midwife (a traveling, holistic, elder midwife and herbalist) and her midwife’s assistant. Shayla loved her midwife so much that she hired her when she became pregnant a second time. This is also the story of her second-born daughter Sanai Nairobi, born at home in the water as Shayla “breathed her baby out.”

Shayla's Birth Affirmations:

I am whole and at peace

I feel the nourished life force energy

I listen to my body and respond accordingly

I live my life in truth guided by the wisdom of Ma’at and Aset

I have an open heart

I send healing energy to my baby

I trust my body and my body was made for this

I ask and receive exactly what I need

I have everything i need

I am at peace

I desire foods that move me and support my health

I can handle whatever comes up

Access your ancestor’s wisdom

My womb is filled with love

I breathe and eliminate tension

My mind is relaxed, my body is relaxed

I am a wonderful mother

My body becomes stronger and more flexible everyday

My baby feels my love and reassurance and knows that all is well

The tissue in my birth path is completely healthy and safe

I trust my baby to know exactly how and when to be born

I am secure and so is my baby

Visualize your baby relaxing

I trust my inner wisdom 

Birth comes easily to me

My belly is full of light and love

My baby moves gently along its journey

I see my womb and yoni hugging my baby guiding him or her down gently into being

Make an intention of relaxing through your labor

My baby is positioned perfectly for a smooth and easy birth

My baby is safe

My baby loves to breastfeed