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Homecoming Podcast

Jun 4, 2020

Show dedication: In Loving Memory of Tayo's father--DeShon Reddick, Sr. “Demo,” The King of B Boy Soul.

Isis and Chae open this episode discussing self-care and its importance in pregnancy and postpartum healing. Chae also mentions her love for moxibustion. We continue the self-care conversation with Tayo on Patreon with our monthly subscribers.

This episode features Tayo Mbande--a Californian living in Chicago, a homebirth mama, birthworker, and co-founder of Chicago Birth Works Collective. She founded the collective with her mother, Toni Taylor, who has always been a supportive force and doula to Tayo especially for the birth of Tayo's youngest daughter born who was born at home without a trained medical professional present. Tayo struggled during this pregnancy when her father passed away when she was 13 weeks pregnant. She and her husband created a community who provided prenatal care support and preparation for their family birth. This manifested as a "birth village" holding monthly planning meetings. During her pregnancy, Tayo experienced bladder prolapse and a shifted pelvis. She was able to receive excellent care from Black women providers. She praises Lakieta Edwards CNM who held space for her grief and Dr. Rolande Balan at Hyde Park Chiropractic who "changed her life."

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