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Homecoming Podcast

Dec 1, 2020

TRIGGER WARNING: Mention of miscarriage, abortion, D&C and blood loss.
This episode features Ellenie Cruz. Ellenie’s homebirth story is special because it centers her miscarriage which she frames not as a pregnancy loss but rather a gain. Through her experience, Ellenie saw the impact and importance of community and of birth work. She also recognizes that birthing people who experience miscarriage still require postpartum care! 

Ellenie is a New Orleans-based educator, artist, poet, doula, student midwife, herbalist, and reiki master. She promotes ancestral practices to heal self, family, and community. Ellenie is the founder of Ascencion Art, the organizer of the NOLA herb gathering, and the Atabey School of Cultural Healing where she teaches herbalism classes to self-identified BIPOC. Follow her @asc3nsion_art and @oshunsgarden