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Homecoming Podcast

Sep 2, 2018

Kristen A. Rome, Esq. is a mama, criminal defense attorney, social justice advocate and certified holistic doula. Kristen works to end the mass incarceration of African descended people by providing affordable and accessible client-centered legal representation. With a devotion to contemplative lawyering, Kristen acknowledges that our confinement extends beyond physical prison structures to the culture and institutions designed to subjugate and annihilate Black people. One of the only Black attorney-doulas in New Orleans, Kristen's commitment to eliminating the prison industrial complex is informed by the understanding that we must first eliminate the colonization of the Black womb. The measure of a society is how it treats its women and children. To this end, Kristen is committed to starting with the family in her efforts to liberate her community from physical, spiritual, and mental confinement.