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Homecoming Podcast

Jul 1, 2020

"Birth is the Revolution," y'all! This week Isis and Chae interview Sista Midwife, Nicole Deggins, CNM, who is one of the leading birth advocacy experts in the US. Nicole, a NOLA native, is a sought-after trainer, public speaker, and community educator who works to eliminate perinatal disparities and bring light to the broken medical-obstetrical model of birth. Nicole knows hospital birth extensively and was a labor and delivery nurse before becoming a nurse midwife. Now, through her business Sista Midwife Productions, Nicole has provided full-spectrum, community-based training for dozens of cohorts of doulas or birth companions who hope to improve birth outcomes. Nicole's latest project is the Birth Story Project. Isis and Chae first met at Nicole's doula training and appreciate Nicole for creating this full-circle moment, sharing her birth story (home-to-hospital transfer), and discussing how doulas and midwives are important to reclaiming birth especially for Black birthing people.

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